About Us

After 30 years of living in the textile world, a desire arises to give life to a new insignia of women’s clothing – Philomena that embraces the name of its creator, Filomena Ferreira. 

How did the idea of creating a brand come about?
This idea originated in a meeting between friends, who, knowing of my passion for the textile industry and what I do for other brands, encouraged me to create one. They believed that it would be a great personal achievement and that only inspired and courageous people decide to risk. They believed that I represented this courage to realize yet another dream. 

My husband was the first to embrace the challenge. It was without doubt my strength to start this new project. 

What is the concept behind the brand?
Philomena creations are based on quality, in “being authentic”, in the feminine traits and, of course, are Made in Portugal.  

And who is the Philomena woman?

The Philomena Woman represents simplicity and harmony. She is confident, feminine and looks for garments within a trend that give her comfort and with which she feels good anywhere. The Philomena woman dresses to feel herself!

The passion placed on each of the style results in collections thought to the smallest detail, that reflect the quality and the Portuguese textile tradition.

Welcome to the Philomena world!